Gancia vermouths & gin are made using traditional recipes from Carlo Gancia and date back to the mid-19th century.

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Gancia Vermouth Bianco

The first ever Vermouth Bianco was created by Casa Gancia before 1890 and made with Moscato Bianco grapes. Gancia Vermouth Bianco has a particularly delicate, sweet and velvety taste which is the result of a sophisticated mix of crushed herbs and spices combined with a base of wine.


Gancia Vermouth Rosso

Gancia Vermouth Rosso has an incredibly rich aroma and pleasantly sweet taste, with hints of caramel, herbs and spices.


Gancia Vermouth Extra Dry

Gancia Vermouth Extra Dry has a dry, refined taste and rich aroma of white wine, herbs and spices.


Gancia Vermouth Rosso di Torino

This vermouth is obtained in Piedmont using Italian wine only, with the addition of alcohol and flavoured mainly with Artemisia from Piedmont and other herbs and spices. With a dark red color, it has a citrus and bitter perfume and spicy bitter notes.


Gancia Luis 8

Gancia Luis Eight is a delicate, aromatic Italian gin that opens up beautifully both neat and in cocktails.


Brand Gancia is available on the markets: Russia, Italy, Poland, Hungary, USA.

1Official conclusion of Professor Patrizia Cirio dated 03.12.2012