Urozhay is one of the most popular vodka brands in the economy segment in Russia. Created in 1991, the brand has established itself with a consistently high quality, smooth taste and reasonable price.


Urozhay Special

Urozhay Special is a traditional wheat vodka, comparable in quality and taste with more expensive brands. Milk thistle extract gives the drink a harmonious soft flavour.


Urozhay Hot Pepper

Urozhay Hot Pepper is a unique product for the economy segment — a bitter infusion with a real pepper pod in each bottle. Extracts of red, black and myrtle pepper give the drink a warming taste and a spicy aroma.


Urozhay Ashberry on Cognac

Urozhay Ashberry on Cognac is based on the best varieties of cognac and ashberry juice, for which ripe berries are collected after the first frost. The blending technology of at least 14 days gives the drink a bright and memorable taste with a noble aroma of ashberry.


Brand Urozhay is available on the markets: Turkmenistan, Russia.

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