Parliament vodka is one of the oldest Russian brands in the sub-premium segment. This classic vodka is crafted according to a traditional Russian vodka recipe — using alcohol and water only — and is complemented by unparalleled purification with milk.


Parliament Classic

Parliament Classic is carefully crafted using Luxe grade wheat alcohol, the purest artesian water and high-tech purification with milk, resulting in a refined and balanced taste.


Parliament Cranberry

Parliament Cranberry, made with a natural infusion of cranberries, is notable for its rich flavour with a hint of soft berries.


Parliament Orange Bitter

The innovative Parliament Orange Bitter is unique for Russian market. It is created with a natural infusion of sweet and bitter oranges complemented by cloves and walnuts. The multi dimensional flavor boasts notes of citrus, honey and spices.


Brand Parliament is available on the markets: Abkhazia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Turkmenistan, Russia.

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