Green Mark

One of the most popular brands in Russia. Green Mark is a classic vodka with a long history steeped in the very best traditions of Russian vodka production.

Green Mark

Green Mark Wheat

Traditional Russian vodka made of high quality Luxe grade wheat alcohol and specially purified soft water from an artesian well 150 meters deep underground.

Green Mark

Green Mark Cedar

Green Mark Cedar is infused with cedar nuts and is matured for 10 days in special tanks. It is then filtered and added to our vodka. The result is a smooth tasting drink, rich in essential oils.

Green Mark

Green Mark Flavoured vodkas

Green Mark flavoured vodkas are created with natural ingredients including lemons, lingonberries and both tart and sweet cornel berries, to give an extra fresh taste. Green Mark flavours are ideal both neat or mixed in cocktails.

Green Mark

Green Mark Infusions

The Influsions are remarkable for their light flavour and delicate taste of freshly squeezed lemons and ripe apples.


Brand Green Mark is available on the markets: Armenia, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Iraq, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kingdom of Bahrain, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, South Osetia, Turkmenistan.

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