Carlo Rossi

For 40 years, Carlo Rossi has kept its simple, straightforward approach to winemaking by consistently producing great tasting, unpretentious wines.

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Carlo Rossi

Carlo Rossi White Semi-Dry

A pale wine with a sparkling shine and a taste of citrus fruits and fresh apples.

Carlo Rossi

Carlo Rossi Semi-Dry

Ruby-colored wine, distinguished by the pronounced aroma of ripe forest berries and light vanilla hints. A balanced taste with shades of red currant, plums, cherries, apples and caramel.

Carlo Rossi

Carlo Rossi Pink Semi-Sweet

Wine of a delicate pink color, remarkable for its bright aroma with a light touch of fresh strawberries and refreshing shades of grapefruit. A mild taste with flavors of red fruits, hints of vanilla and caramel.

Carlo Rossi

Carlo Rossi Pink Moscato

Wine of a delicate pink color with hints of sweet peaches and citrus fruits and a refreshing mild flavor consisting of notes of tangerine and peach.

Carlo Rossi

Carlo Rossi Moscato

Sweet white wine with golden sparkles and hints of sweet peaches and tropical fruits.


Brand Carlo Rossi is available on the markets: Hungary.

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