Grant’s whisky is a dream come true for one distillery master, William Grant, who, more than 100 years ago, developed his own recipe for Scotch whisky, which afterward was passed on to the next four generations of Grant’s family.

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Grant's Triple Wood

This whisky is matured in three different types of wood: Virgin Oak cask provides spicy robustness, American Oak lends subtle vanilla smoothness and Bourbon refill offers brown sugar sweetness, resulting in a smoother, richer, mellower taste.


Grant's Triple Wood Smoky

The Master Blender chooses grain and malt whiskies matured in three distinct woods, similar to the Triple Wood blend. For this expression he ups the addition of peated whiskies for a smooth and fruity taste with subtle smokiness.


Grant's Rum Cask Edition

After many years ageing in oak barrels, Grant’s Rum Cask Edition whisky is further matured in Caribbean rum casks for a smooth, rich and sweet taste.


Brand Grant's is available on the markets: Hungary.

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