Tequila Sierra, with its famous sombrero cap, is in great demand not only in its homeland, Mexico, but also far beyond its borders. Produced with over-ripe blue agave fruits, flowing with sweet juice.

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Sierra Silver

Ripe, transparent tequila with a pronounced fruity aroma. The shades of green apple and pineapple are perfectly combined with subtle notes of chili pepper, which makes tequila more daring and interesting.


Sierra Reposado

Traditionally aged in oak barrels and distilled twice in copper cubes. The fresh, irresistible fruitiness of this tequila is further emphasized by notes of vanilla, caramel and herbs.


Sierra Milenario

A premium handmade tequila made from blue agave harvested at full maturity in Jalisco.


Brand Sierra is available on the markets: Hungary.

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