The world’s #1 Greek spirit with more than 130 years of history. A unique combination of grape brandy with Muscat wines and a signature infusion of Mediterranean botanicals.

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Metaxa 5 stars

The taste is balanced, with notes of peach and apricot, raisins and brioche buns. An aftertaste of oak and almond.


Metaxa 7 stars

The aroma is elegant, warm, fruity, rich Muscat and ripe peach, prunes, carob and honey of meadow herbs. The taste is balanced, warm, pleasantly sharp, with bright notes of honey and dark raisins.


Metaxa 12 stars

The bouquet is lively and concentrated: dry flowers and exquisite aromatic herbs, coffee, toffee and chocolate are revealed together with prunes and orange zest.


Metaxa Private Reserve

Once a year, the Master of METAXA Konstantinos Raptis selects special, magnificent Muscat wines and mixes them with unique wine distillates aged in oak barrels in METAXA cellars to create a truly extraordinary drink.


Metaxa Angels' Treasure

The Master of METAXA creates a small series of Angels’ Treasure drinks only once a year. The taste is bitter zest, pepper notes, bitter chocolate. A long-lasting aftertaste with a palpable presence of citrus bitterness and sweet spices.


Brand Metaxa is available on the markets: Hungary.

1IWSC, 2017