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16 December 2020

New vodka brand – Siberian Troika!

Roust Group, the world's 2nd largest vodka producer*, announces the launch of new vodka brand Siberian Troika.

Siberian Troika is a reflection of the Russian soul, with its love for freedom embodied by the boundless snow-covered open spaces of the Motherland. The vodka is made from pure melt water from the glaciers of the Altai mountains and frost-hardened Siberian wheat, with an infusion of juniper berries grown in the taiga.

The stand out bottle is set to attract attention with its image of the snow-covered Siberian expanses and the Russian troika. A bell complements the neck of the bottle, transmitting the ringing of a rapidly flying troika on a clear frosty day.

The launch of Siberian Troika in the mid-price segment is focused on strengthening the position of Roust Group in the Siberian region, and will become the main attraction of the Siberian Distillery.

Located in the Novosibirsk region, the plant uses only local natural ingredients and ensures high production standards confirmed by international quality certificates HACCP, FSSC and ISO 9001.

Vasily Zyranov, Director of the Siberian Distillery, commented “The Siberian Distillery is one of the most modern vodka distilleries in Russia and the birthplace of the legendary Talka brand - which is one of the best-selling vodkas in the country. We are confident that Siberian Troika will also be a great success among millions of consumers".

Siberian Troika is available in the popular volume of 0.5 liters across retail chains in the Siberian region.

Vodka brands in the middle price segment in Russia account for 37% of the market and local brands in the Siberian region account for over 30% of those sales.

About Roust

Roust is the second-largest vodka producer in the world, with over 35M 9l cases sold annually in more than 85 markets. Roust owns production facilities across Poland, Russia and Italy. Its extensive portfolio includes the world’s #1 premium vodka Russian Standard, the world’s #3 vodka Żubrówka, other flagship brands - Green Mark, Parliament, Talka, and Gancia, the first Italian sparkling wine. Roust Group's Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors is Roustam Tariko. www.roust.com