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11 July 2017

New flavours from Soplica and Zytniówka

Roust Group, world’s second-largest vodka producer, is delighted to announce that two of the fastest growing vodka brands in the world — Soplica and Żytniówka — are extending their product range with new flavours.

Soplica, the #1 flavoured vodka in Poland, has released two new flavours — Soplica Uszlachetniona Jabłkiem with a hint of apple and Soplica Uszlachetniona Śliwką with a hint of plum, both very popular in Poland. The process combines clear spirit and the natural fruit essence, a centuries-old Polish tradition of fruit distillation. Both apple and plum flavours have a smooth aroma with a dry fruity essence.

Żytniówka has 2 new variants, both of which are traditional flavours of Poland: Żytniówka Chlebowa with a hint of traditional fresh rye bread and Żytniówka Chrzanowa with a hint of dry and spicy horseradish. Both new products are based on the brand’s key differentiators: Polish rye spirit and they originate from Podlasie, the region famous for its pure nature and hospitality.

The new flavours are already available on the Polish market.