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New Soplica product range 19 Oct 2016

Roust Group, world's leading premium spirits producer and distributor, announces the extension of the legendary Soplica product range with the launch Soplica Lemon with a taste of honey and refreshed Soplica Staropolska.

Benefiting from the tradition of old Polish spirit production, new Soplica Lemon with a taste of honey takes the best from sour lemons strengthening their taste with the honey sweetness, creating the first such proposition on the Polish market. New Soplica Staropolska is a culmination of experts' work who have been mastering the traditional recipes for generations. Its unique and sophisticated flavoured compositions based on specially selected Polish fruits and traditional hand production define the exceptional character of the Soplica Staropolska family.

The Polish history of lemon spirits is very long. In the 19th century, Boleslaw Kasprowicz, founder of the Soplica brand, produced liqueurs based on citruses in his plant. They have been an element of the Polish tradition of producing spirits for years. Nowadays, the lemon taste is the biggest segment in the flavoured vodkas category in Poland. Therefore benefiting from the experience of traditional spirits production, Soplica brand is increasing its portfolio with this refreshing flavour. Since 1891, when Boleslaw Kasprowicz registered the brand's trademark, Soplica has been known for setting up new borderlines in introducing new variants. Therefore, the new liqueur in the Soplica family presents remarkable connection of citrus liqueur with delicate and sweet taste of flowery honey. It is a first such refreshing variant in the brand's portfolio. It is based on extract from the whole lemons, because in such form the fruit gives the full and rich character of the aroma. The addition of Polish flowery honey is a perfect supplement to liqueur's flavour, making its light sourness gentler.

Soplica Staropolska is complementing the super-premium category on the spirit market with authentic Polish flavoured vodkas, bringing back the forgotten ingredients that used to build Polish spirits' fame. Benefiting from the 125-year legacy of the brand and the original Polish liqueurs dated back to the 17th century, the refreshed Soplica Staropolska appears on the market in four new variants as Soplica Staropolska Dereniowa, Głogowa, Jeżynowa and Oryginalna with unique composition of five macerates. Now, thanks to the new variants of Soplica Staropolska, these unique flavours will be again available to the consumers. However, this is not all. The refreshed Soplica Staropolska comes in completely new packaging. The bottle made of thick glass gives it a character typical for luxurious spirits. The characteristic rectangle shape of the bottle is ornamented with carvings corresponding to the wide history of the brand. Hand attached label, an eagle seal that is a guarantee of the highest quality as well as the closing of the bottle in a form of natural plug also underline the exclusive character of the refreshed Solplica Staropolska.

Lemon Soplica will be available in 100, 200 and 500ml bottles. New Soplica Staropolska will be available in 700ml bottles.

About Roust Group

Roust Group is the largest integrated spirits producer and distributor in Central and Eastern Europe and the second-largest vodka producer by volume in the world, with over 27 mln 9l cases sold annually in more than 80 markets. Roust owns production facilities and distribution centres across Poland, Hungary, Russia and Italy. Roust's extensive portfolio includes flagship vodka brands Russian Standard, Green Mark, Parliament, Talka and Zhuravli, as well as the iconic Polish vodka Żubrówka. Roust Group includes Gancia, the legendary Italian company that created the first Italian sparkling wine. Roust Group's Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors is Roustam Tariko.

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